Tuesday, May 2, 2017

1939 EL Build Update - Getting Closer!

Primary all buttoned up...

Tail light, rear crash bar and rear stand catch

Tool box permanently mounted

Floor boards and front crash bar

Cleaned up the switch

Coil testing

Coil mounted

Horn assemblage....


Horn assembled and mounted

Love it...

Getting into the wiring...

Yanked a nice left side (large) petcock out of a set of UL tanks... it's perfect except the threads for the line are cockeyed... should be fun trying to straighten those out!

Haven't updated the Blog on 39 EL progress lately... getting a shit load done. Above are some highlights... grabbed a bunch of hardware from Old Dude at Oley to help finish her up!

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  1. If you can find one, a thread file has saved my butt many a time. 4 sided, 8 different thread pitches. But with old Harley petcock threads, all bets are off.