Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Brookfield Odyssey - Part One

A couple of weeks ago I contacted some friends for a road trip. One of the stops would be the Brookfield NY AMCA Empire Chapter meet up in rural NY state.

Well only Sam was able to make the whole trip on his 47 UL. I packed up my 1950 Pan with all I would need for a four or five day excursion and hit the road.

The trip began without incident. I met Sam at a bar up above Easton PA at about 2 PM on Wednesday and began the trek north into the mountains of PA and NY. We had a great ride up in through PA meeting up with another friend at a bar along the way who road with us for a little while...that's when the rain came. It rained all night. We road in the rain stopping at another tavern for dinner where George peeled off and headed for home. Sam and I continued north and grabbed a room for the night around 10 PM. We were soaked to the socks. We figured when we got up in the morning the sun would be out and it would be nice and dry...not so. It rained all morning as we road into NY State until it finally broke around noon and the weather turned great. We stopped at many little taverns along the way. No highways, all "two lane" through the mountains.

One great spot was The Rockdale Hotel. We sat outside at a roadside table and I aired out my soaking feet, wet boots and socks while the bar maid brought us cold mugs of beer. We lingered for awhile. We made it to Brookfield by about 5 PM and hung out with some friends. The meet officially started the next day but there were a few early birds. Luckily FLICKS Bar was opened in the tiny town. Sam and I decided to hit the road, do some more riding and find a motel somewhere and return to the meet in the morning.

Here's where the Odyssey begins...

To be continued.

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