Saturday, August 29, 2009

Flanders - Raising the Bars!

Here is an interesting Flanders set up I picked up over the years. Designed to raise and rubber mount your stock springer handlebars. I have never seen these on a bike (or anywhere else for that matter) and would imagine there are allot of "flex" points. Probably not too popular back when.
It actually took me a while to figure out what the fuck was going on with these things. The risers were loose in a box of stuff with the "right angle" handlebar mounts in them the way you see them in the photo. There was no clamp or handlebars to clue me in. I threw them in a cabinet with the rest of my riser stuff and forgot about them. Then one day while mounting a set of stock handlebars on a springer it came to me. I pulled the weirdos out of the cabinet and started messing with them and sure enough it all came together.
Now I guess you might look at it and say the risers are upside down. I thought the same thing, but that is where the "right angle adapters" were when I got 'em and they just didn't want to go together "right side up". I guess you could arrange them a few different ways. I'll have to slide them on a fork and see what's what.


  1. I've had two of these "elbow mounts" forever. Didn't know what they were until I was talking with matt olsen at Davenport. They'll be on a bike soon.

    I found another interesting set up at Davenport this year..... Flanders risers with 7/8" clamps on top and bottom. Hmmmm.

  2. Dude, love your blog, these are not Flanders - They are ATLAS handlebar risers.

  3. At least parts of them are ATLAS, but this exact setup is new to me - I have been searching for a ATLAS setup forever ...great score.