Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jason's VD

What can fit What

Twist some metal get some glue and LEDs = Tail light

A minor mod or two and your "Oil Frame" Triumph gas tank fits right on the old VD

Oops forgot...this thing needs an oil tank...let's see...where's my paint ball gun?

shovel trans and a belt

Seat? No comment

Jason's 36 VD is an exercise in what can fit what (with a torch and welder). This thing runs great and he rides it all over. I ran into Jason at the Chapter meeting the Sunday before last. He rode up on this beauty. All eyes were on it in the parking lot.

Yes that is a paint ball tank being used to supply oil to the lower end. Remember the VD is a total loss oil system. Jason buried a battery in the huge tunnel of the 70's Triumph "Oil Frame" gas tank and cut out some clearance for the spark plug access. He always has the most comfortable seating arrangements on his bikes. He said it was a little rough until he glued the rubber on it.
I cringed big time when I saw the home made ape hangers welded to a chrome Flander's tree...ouch!
I could have spent hours looking at this thing and asking Jason questions. Talk about hand building a bike out of parts! This is it!

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