Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Jersey Sunday or Bring Out Your Wounded

Jason's Totally Sick 36 VD

Just Totally Sick (on a budget)

Amy's Triumph

"Bolt On" with his original Captain America Lid and one of only two Knucklehead Engines I ever sold...a 39 EL

Parking lot view (Partial)

On our way to the bar

Yeah this was my view. Trapped in a 47 sidecar with a fucked up hand!

What the least I got out on the road, and not in a car!
Sunday I attended a Colonial Chapter meeting (drink fest) in North Jersey. I still can't close my hand after being filleted by an old asshole in a car so Pauly offered up a side car ride.
Boy... there's a feeling of utter helplessness. Riding in that tin can at the mercy of anyone and anything! After a while it kinda felt like a carnival ride and I just went with it (tough for a control freak).
We got to the Pub and checked out the bikes and friends in the parking lot. Jason had built a totally sick 1936 VD and his girl Amy had her Triumph. I took some close ups of the VD (no joke that's a model designation and fits to a T) I will post them next. We hung out for a few hours.
The ride back to Pauly's place was a trip. Route 80 was closed and the State Troopers dumped the whole highway out onto the two lane that we had to take to get back. BUMPER TO BUMPER! Well of course the solo bikes did their thing and all disappeared. Me and Paul with the side hack was another story...17 miles and TWO HOURS later we got back to his place! I actually got out and walked up a hill or two. We were racing the sun too. The 47's genny is fucked so lights were not an option. It was dark when we pulled into his driveway.
All in all it was a good time.

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