Saturday, February 20, 2010

41 Knuck TT Commencing

3 Speed Lid

Original Kicker Arm

Sight Glass Holes Welded

Commencing work on the 41TT.
The 3 speed trans is a "throwout bearing" away from being buttoned up! This trans came in a U model I bought in the 80's that sat outside for decades. It looked rough from the outside but when the lid was popped it was in great shape. I should have taken a before picture! I included a pic of the original kicker arm just to give you an idea of what it looked like. The trans was manufactured in 1944 and the date codes on the case, kicker cover and lid all match. The number 3 stamped on the lid (see pic above) indicates that it was a factory 3 speed without reverse...nice...perfect for a TT bike. The kicker cover hole was stripped so that got welded shut, re-drilled and tapped. All the hardware got re-Parkerized.
I have to figure a way to take some of the glass bead shine off it to match the motor...I'll figure something out.
The oil tank I chose for it was perfect except for the two sight glass holes in the side so they got welded shut, now it's in need of a little bondo work.
Since you have to assemble everything from the seat post back around the oil tank I better get my paintables done so I can get it in and get started!!!

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  1. Good work. One way to get that fresh bead blast to dull is leave it outside again for a decade of two.