Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Hill Climber's History - The Factory Letter 1941 and the Schebler Alchy Carb

The Letter, Envelope and the actual Shebler Carb discussed in the 1941 Letter

The Envelope post marked March 19, 1941

The March 18, 1941 Letter from the Factory to Larry Franz Sr.

Larry Franz Sr. busting the tape at Muskegon Mich. in 1941 (He placed 2nd)

Notice the Schebler Carb with the modified air scoop! Yes that is the same carb! This was the year he bought this bike from A.W. French and is the bike I have owned for about 20 years...

More hidden treasure in the boxes of stuff I acquired from Jerry Franz this summer! This was a real mind blower for me. It was amazing that I got the original Schebler Alchy carb that was on my Climber when Larry bought it from A.W. French in 1941. But, as I dug through the boxes of paper work I came across a picture of the bike from that year where the carb and modified air scoop are clearly visible...and then I found this letter from the Engineering Department at the Harley-Davidson Factory dated March 18, 1941. I read the letter and when I got to the last paragraph I realized that I was holding the actual Schebler carb that was being discussed in that 1941 letter...Un Friggin' Real! All of this from 1941 the year Larry bought the bike from A.W. French!

Every time I sift through this pile I am amazed at what was saved and the history it represents!

Still diggin'....

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