Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oley PA Fall Meet Sunday 11/27/2011

Got a call from Dave Minerva Saturday night alerting me to a Fall Meet at the Oley PA fairgrounds. This is the same location as the National AMCA Meet in April. I oiled up the "Dirty Nine". Kelly and I headed out for a great afternoon ride. There were a couple hundred bikes there, mostly European and Japanese but there were a few old Harleys and Indians mixed in. They had a slow race course marked out and that seemed to be the gist of the event.

This Fall Meet has moved around from place to place over the years and is not advertised much, but maybe if it stays in Oley we can get some venders and more of an Antique turnout. I know a bunch of folks that would have come out had they known about it.

The Perkiomen Chapter of the AMCA hosted the day and provided food and drinks.

It was a great time and the weather was ideal...60's and sunny!

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