Wednesday, February 6, 2013

47 FL Transformation Complete!!!

Here's the White Knuckle in '87...
This was about four years after I built it the first time...

My Colonial Chapter shirt from 1984. 
That was the first full season I had the 47 up and running after finding all the parts and building it in 1983...

Gassing her up today...No Leaks!

A prime kick or three and she popped right off...

I didn't even need to adjust anything?????? WTF?

Time machine...

Oops... forgot the tag...

Here she is today resurrected!
Thirty years after I built it the first time!

I don't believe it..I finally got this bike done and back on the road today! 
It all started back in July of last year... (Check out my post from July 30, 2012) I decided to transform my 47 FL back into the way it was when I first built it in 1983. I guess I was waxing nostalgic, looking at old pictures and what not. It was my first Knuckle and I built it from parts at the age of 19...I bought the motor for $600 and started researching and hunting down parts. In less then a year I went from a basket case motor to a complete running 1947 Knucklehead! 
Well today it is back up and running in it's old major difference is that I didn't put the old Speedster Hollywood handlebars back on. Instead I opted for the H-D riser set up. It changes the look a bit but I just dig 'em. I still have the other bars if I decide to go back to 'em.
 Anyway I took her out for a christening to the local tavern and the locals were shocked to see me on a clean  and shiny was pretty funny...
I plan on using the shit outta this thing and it'll be my trippin' bike for longer rides. That's why I went with the Continental K112's, they were always my favorite rain and snow tire. I set it up so the rear fender rack can be put right on. I just need to get a windshield set up for it for the winter...


  1. Congratulations Jeff - another fine motorcycle for your stable! I'm sitting in another hotel in another country ( today - India ) Thanks for the awesome posts!

    Cheers !!!

  2. Looks posh and rowdy.
    Like a Duke with a switch-blade.

  3. The '47 looks awesome man! a total change from how I last saw it, and I bet seeing you on a shiny bike did cause a stir. Now are you going to keep her shined up? You want to take a real road trip, I dare ya to ride her down to Tejas. It'd be a hell of a trip for ya...and I'd like to see the re-birth of your '47 in person.

  4. That's great you've kept it this way for so long.

  5. Nice Jeff! Been followin your progress and she looks great! Now get some mud all over that white paint job!

  6. Thanks All! I just got back from a ride in the salt and shit on the PA winter roads...It'll look fucked up soon enough!

  7. Beautiful ride,all class. First ride is always a great experience. So I ask you again,will I see it @ Oley in April.