Wednesday, February 13, 2013

T.R.O.G. 2013 Press and Updates...

The Race of Gentlemen has been getting a lot of press in the "main stream" Hot Rod mags lately. These focus mainly on the cars (as you would expect) with a few token bike pics thrown in here and there. It's pretty cool to see an event that was thrown together, just three months from the initial idea, getting this type of response. Mel truly pulled it off!
It's funny, I remember standing on a cold, rainy, empty beach that Friday morning with Mel, Tommy and Mike getting ready to set up for the Beach Party, Mel's pick up sunk to the axles in soft sand. I looked at Mel and said, "Is anyone gonna show up for this?", he responded, "It might just be the four of us...I'm either gonna be a hero or the biggest asshole in the world". Well hero it is Mel! The weather cleared, the crowds arrived and everything went better then we could have ever imagined!

So...Update...It looks like 2013 will hold two events. There will be a T.R.O.G. "Qualifying Race" on the beach in Asbury Park NJ the weekend of May 4th to kick things off. I'm hearing car and bike shows, bands and Beach Mayhem...Mel is working on the 2nd annual T.R.O.G. back at the beach in Allenhurst NJ in October! Based on the 1st Annual...this is gonna be huge!!!
Don't miss it!

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