Saturday, August 24, 2013

Jerry Franz in 1965 with his "45"

While visiting my friend Jerry Franz a couple of weeks ago, he and I spent hours pouring through some old family albums. This is a picture of him on his 45 street bike. His dad, Larry Sr., got it out of a junk yard for $60. The keyway in the motor sprocket was wiped out so Larry Sr. welded it up, filed out a new keyway and made a new key. Jerry had a running Harley for $60!


  1. You've probably already seen this (or posted it ) but I was reading the April 1983 (issue # 31) Iron Horse magazine and there is an article on Larry and Jerry Franz W/ their hillclimbers. Just figured I'd let you know on the off chance this info. slipped by you somehow. good luck on the servi-car .


  2. Thanks Tim, I apprectiate you letting me know... Yeah I actually have Larry Sr's copy of that issue in the envelope he got it in. The bike he's pictured riding is the 37 Hillclimber I got from Jerry two years ago. Just after those pics were taken Larry Sr. and Jerry cut off the hardtail and designed / installed a swingarm with gas shocks on the bike.
    Thanks again.