Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cheap Thrills Show - Asbury Park New Jersey Revisited!!! Saturday February 6 2016!!!

(This looks like a Pulsating Paula pic from the '90s)

Asbury Park New Jersey - former home of the Asbury Park Bike Show at Convetion Hall and more or less the Birthplace of The Race of Gentlemen has a new show/swap meet at the Old Covention Hall coming in February 2016!!!
Stay tuned...More Info on the way....


Memories Below

My 47 at the show - 1984

Ziggy's Shovel Chopper was a mainstay at the show circa 1984 

Mike Bolt-On with his Flathead Chopper at the show circa 1984

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  1. There's been some confusion regarding the times...The Show and Swap Starts at 12 Noon and goes 'til 6 PM then the Party goes from 6 PM 'til 10 PM... all at Convention Hall! After Party after 10 PM at The Saint!