Monday, December 7, 2015

Pearl Harbor Day...

"Strange Days Indeed"...Reflecting on Pearl Harbor Day...

For most of my life I had very cut and dried, rigid opinions about certain things...still do.
but...Today I have many friends in and from Japan that share the same passion for the things that I hold dear...who'da thunk it? Not sure what it all means but just seems strange... (BTW... I always hated John Lennon but I just quoted him... what is happening???)


  1. Different times, different people.

  2. It's good to remember, it puts things in perspective... My father, for example, served in the Philipines from 1936 to 1939 (US Army)..And in the Pacific 1942-1945 (US Navy)..He didn't hate the Japanese any more than I hated the
    Vietnamese (US Army 1967-1969)..
    I try and stay focused on the good
    memories and friends along the way.
    Lots of really good folks from Japan and Vietnam.........