Monday, May 25, 2009

Iselin Carnival Jersey Style

As a kid growing up in central Jersey there was one event every summer that was biker heaven. The Iselin Carnival. It was an old time church carnival that attracted bikers from all over the area. These were not the watered down "HOG" members that you see EVERY WHERE today. These were real fuckin' bikers. There were fights, burnouts in the street, wheel stands that go horribly wrong, intimidation, harassment, drunks, the best friggin' ribs I ever ate, everything that made a summer event pleasurable.
The above picture was taken by some body's girl (can't remember who) in the early 80s at the Iselin Carnival. Unfortunately you can't see the hundreds of bikes lining this side of the street. As night falls both sides of the street and around the block became filled with bikes. Handle bar to handle bar.
The cops would deter girls from walking down the street after dark. My girlfriend at the time (now ex wife) was told by a cop "you don't want to walk down there, they're bad people". Shit man , those were the days! I could get off on a tangent about today's Harley "biker"world but I'll save it...
As is the way of all great things the Carnival is gone. They slowly (at first) made changes that eventually killed the thing. They got rid of the Wrestling Bear in the late 70's, fenced in the beer tent and began to impose parking restrictions in the 80's. The police harassment stepped up big time (I had my 52 trike impounded and hauled away on a flatbed). But in it's day this thing was one hell of a good time!

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  1. I remember my hometown well and this was a mild overview, thanks for the memories...