Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Mexico Cycle Sign

Back in about 82 or 83 I was out in Santa Fe MN and met a guy named Mika he was working out of his house on bikes. We shot the shit about bikes and I went back to the east coast. In 87 I was in Santa Fe for my Honeymoon and thought I would look him up. Driving down a main drag I saw this 45 flathead (less engine) up as a sign. It was Mika's new location. I went in and reintroduced myself. I asked him about the chassis sign and he told me a sign maker wanted $1500 for a sign that size. He said for about $300 worth of parts he put the bike up there! Well that was about 23 years ago and I recall the standard price for a 45 springer fork was $150 and the same $150 would get you a frame...aaahhh those were good times... I just didn't know it.
Here's the irony. My now Ex Wife took this picture for me in 2004 when she was in Sante Fe on her (2nd) honeymoon...

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  1. I remember seeing that same sign 20 years ago and thought i wouldn't mind having the frame and forks.