Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rhinebeck NY AMCA Swap Meet

Coming up June 12,13&14 is the Rhinebeck NY AMCA Swap Meet. This is not the normal AMCA Antique Motorcycle meet. It has a whole bunch more going on as you can see from the flier. This meet promotes Choppers & Bob Jobs and all kinds of "Period Modified" bikes along with the original antique bikes. There are also hot rods, tractors, machinery, etc. Along with all the diversity there are a bunch of rules imposed by the fairgrounds (mostly for the vendors) but it's worth it! And what the heck they put my old crusty Blue "Dirty Nine" EL on the flier... can't be all bad.
I have been going for the past few years since before it became a National AMCA meet it's always a great time.

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