Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The boyhood home of...

I don't have many pictures of stuff at my dad's house from when I was a "kid", but I came across these. These pictures were actually taken in my bed room. No wonder he was pissed. Seemed perfectly normal to me... (my brother and sister were away at tennis sheep!).


  1. Cool pics indeed, AA+
    This bring back memories :-)
    At age 15 I restored an 1940 Ariel in my bedrom. My mother cried and my father didnt say to much, until;
    My parents were off for the weekend when I found the time was there to spray paint the frame in a room next to mine. I placed a lot of cardboard underneath the frame to protect the floor from getting painted. When frame was dry enough to move and the cardboard was removed I found the entire room had changed colour slightly, except from where the pieces of cardboard had been placed.
    Well you will propoably imagine my fathers reaction, he he.
    When the Ariel was done we had to remove a window to get it out of my room, the angle between my rooms door and the hall didnt allow for the lenght of the bike to get out.

    Oh well, memories.
    Keep up with your great posts.


  2. Bedroom? Ha ha!!

    And I got grief for leaving a Ford engine on my parents' patio for a year...

  3. I guess it explains those photos of the knuck and parts in the living room.