Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rhinebeck 2010

A very excited Frank Westfall

Here's why! Frank's Henderson Streamliner making it's restored debut

Paul's original paint WL

Always a pleasure to see Dan's 46 Knuckle

Time Line

Hot Rods mixed in

The "Dirty Nine" alongside Mike's 1936 Original California Cut Down

Just got back from the Rhinebeck NY meet this afternoon. Had a great time. Friday's weather was great, we had some rain on Saturday and Sunday but it was not a wash out by any means. The time line was set up Saturday morning. I'm not sure how many bikes were in it this year but it is always impressive. No where else can you see that many rare and expensive bikes sitting out in the rain for hours!

I saw Billy Joel wondering around the meet. He flew in on his helicopter from Long Island (which landed in the far end of the parking area and it sat waiting there until he flew shit...

One of the many highlights of the meet for me (and many others) was Frank Westfall's Henderson Steamliner. I saw this and the Enterprise (Indian Scout) come out of the wood work many years ago. Frank ended up with both bikes. Pat just finished restoring the Henderson. The previous owner had stripped the paint. Pat told me he has over 600 hours into that thing! Of course it was not there just for show. Frank could be seen riding it all weekend...and what an awesome site it was! If you know Frank you know that he does not "baby" anything, no matter how rare or expensive it is! I will post some more Streamliner pictures next time.


  1. Having only met Frank once at Davenport last year he seems to be quite an interesting person!!
    I love that streamliner and have kept photos of those two streemliner machines since I first saw them in a US magazine in the early nineties.

    Thanks for all those cool photos.

  2. that bobbed knuck with flanders rules. what years did they have the spring in the seat post?

  3. I always slide an old valve spring over the seat post. Hey it works for suspension and can be used as a spare in case you break one...I did it twice on the "Dirty Nine".

  4. so the spring is just a piece people added, it wasnt a factory part? are you heading to davenport this year?

  5. Billy, Nope not factory, an old friend of mine clued me into that when I was 19. Davenport? I would like to but I'm not sure...never made that one yet.