Wednesday, June 2, 2010

39 EL Trans

Shifter Gate 39 Only...12N34

Nice Complete Trans

Like a glove!

When I bought my "Dirty Nine" EL about 20 years ago I bought 2 other bikes with it. One was a 47 EL basket case and the other was a 38 UL. The 38 UL had a lot of miss matched parts but all original shit...just slightly different years.
This trans as you see it...complete with clutch, mounting plate and inner primary, was with the 38 UL. It appears to have been overhauled but not put into service.
Notice the shifter gate 12N34 (1939 only) that is bolted in place of the kicker pedal. This got me thinking. The trans case is obviously a 40 and later due to the vent plug in the trans case. The cover, however has a vent plug in it too which is 39 and earlier. I started messing with the shift lever and sure enough the guts are 12N34...39 Only. My guess is a damaged case was replaced and all the 39 parts went into this one...good enough for me! Into the other 39 EL it goes.
This is mock up stage (except for the fork that ain't comin' back off) so I will pop the trans apart and make sure everything is "Jake" inside.

PS - The Tool Box and many other parts I will be using for this 39 EL also came along when I got the "Dirty Nine" and the two other baskets way back when.

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