Friday, May 28, 2010

39 EL Bit by Bit

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Today - Installed the handle bars on the 39 EL. They are complete with cables switches the works! They even have red grips. I got them about 20 years ago with my Blue "Dirty Nine" EL as spares...nice! Then I grabbed a nice complete steering damper and installed that. Next I put together an appropriately crusty ride control. This fork is really taking shape! I started gathering the correct front brake parts. I need to install the front fender (Maybe), put grease fittings in the rockers and tighten them up, mount the front brake, drum and wheel, brake cable, headlight bracket, headlight, horn (if I have one) and then the front end will be pretty complete.
I was thinkin' about doing this one stripped down...not sure.

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