Sunday, May 9, 2010

PING PONG (or the 39 EL is back in play)

I was really hoping to kick ass and get the 41 TT done within the next week or two, but I got a call that the frame for my next 39 EL was ready to pickup...DAMN.
OK, OK it's a late 1938 frame but my "Dirty Nine" EL has the exact same frame, so this one is going together the same way. I'll call it a factory left over but who cares? This frame was uncut and crusty when I picked it up, but it was making a left turn (or was it right?) and the cradle tubes were flattened. I had it repaired by my buddy Marty... I had him leave the globs of braze on the seat post tube for character. I tell him "as long as it goes straight down the road and I can fit a motor in it I am fine." He had to work a little magic to get the rake back to where it should be. It is exactly the way I like it. I will have to spray some "low" gloss black on the cradle tubes though.
Now this is the kind of build I really enjoy. No waiting for paint or parkerizing or buying NOS hardware. Just matching the crusty shit and bolting it all up! (not always easy). Not sure if I'm going "Cut Down" or full fenders on this one...

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