Thursday, May 6, 2010

41 TT Knuck Paint

Stopped up to see Mark at Twisted Customs last night. He got the task of body work and paint on the 41 TT Knuckle. What a nice job! I spent about two hours with him taping out the scallops a week or so ago. The rear fender was a real challenge the thing was looks great now. It is getting gold pinstripes on the scallops as we speak.
Funny...there are only two bikes I ever had someone paint and I used the same old picture of Ray Tanner's (won the TT in 47) TT knuckle as a guide. The colors of this one are black and Ivory and like I said gold pin stripe.
Mark did a great job on this stuff, he even carried the scallop into the inside of the tanks! I'm gonna pick it all up tonight and start assembling. This one has been a long time coming!

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