Monday, May 17, 2010

Denton Part III - Back to the Bikes

I spotted an old junk yard on the way down, and it was For Sale!

Joe Oz having a little "Brand X" starty

Nice TT style Knuckle...damn!
This one has the raised trans and cut down oil tank...very cool!

More nice old original paint bikes

Drag bike

The Flying Cloud! Original Paint 36 EL!

Owned by Rick Allen

I screwed up again and used my phone for most of the bike pictures! The memory gets smaller the more pictures you take, along with the size of the photos of course...oh well.

I saw a junk yard full of old cars on Rt 49 when I was heading into Denton so I grabbed Joe Oz and we took a ride out there. We found three people locked in the shit... they were trying to get out with a key that they had already bent to shit. I offered my assistance and after about 10 minutes or so I asked if they were sure they had the right key. They assured me that they did, so I used one of the other keys on the ring and "pop" out they came! They thanked me and I made fun of them ...a little... after all I was in a junk yard in the middle of North Carolina with a PA plate on my bike! One of the trio was the owner's daughter. Of course I inquired about sickle parts but there were none...

I won't mention the fact that Joe couldn't get his Indian fired up and I had to start it for him...OOPS... I guess I just did...sorry Joe...get a Knucklehead.

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