Monday, May 17, 2010

Denton NC Part II - Snakes Alive!!!

Honey...what's that poking me in the seat?

Aliens landed in NC

Adjustable Snake Wrench!

Don't be deceived those are huge nuts...
This snake was about 7 feet long

There were huge black snakes all over the fair grounds. I had a great time fucking with the timid using a long black rubber bungee cord...couldn't resist. My friends wife spent the entire weekend three feet above the ground at all times...not that that would have helped, these things climbed up that 50 foot cotton crusher (alien space ship) and were hanging off it!


  1. We had a choice of bees or snakes, we chose snakes. Fewer in number, much less aggravating and they don't sting or end up inside your beverage can when you take a swallow.

  2. Good choice Lonnie! It was a highlight!
    Great job on the meet! I hope you guys did OK and it's back next year.

  3. I am never going there. that is some really scary stuff.