Sunday, May 16, 2010

Denton NC 2010 - Got back yesterday

Great Place!

" Hit and Miss" turned cycle

Drag bike

We in the South now!

Real nice original 40EL

I threw the "Dirty Nine" EL into the van and drove the 550 miles down to Denton North Carolina for the Premier Southern Chapter National Meet at the Denton Farm Park. The theme was original paint bikes and there was a bunch! I always loved "The Flying Cloud" Rick Allen's 36 Knuckle. I actually got a chance to help Rick's son Ramsey get it running after sitting about 8 years. It was a great atmosphere and a great location. The 7 foot black snakes were also an attraction to some... others not so much! They had good food a live band and I didn't get yelled at by the authorities...not even once! There were about 200 vendors I think. Real good turnout.

The tons of cheap knuckle parts that we all thought would come out of the hills were nowhere to be found. There were plenty of parts (minus the "cheap"). This damn Internet has pretty much killed the great deals that used to be out there when you would go to a different part of the country. Enough whining...I had a great time!! I will definitely go back.

I have more pictures to post, but I gotta get out of the basement and go for a ride!

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