Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back to the 39 EL for a minute...

The other day I was workin' on the 41 TT Knuck . I was installing the oil lines (always fun) bending, pushing etc. well the fitting in the pump cover for the return line had thread issues. I pulled another fitting out of a pan pump cleaned it up and started screwing it in. Now I know it's tapered pipe thread and all... but I gave it that extra turn that we all know too well and heard the slightest "tink". Cracked the the pump cover! Screwed again...
I decided to turn to my "therapy bike" to take my mind off my stupidity. I put together a nice crusty front end for the 39 EL along with some other parts that were begging to go on now that the frame is good to go.
In the mean time I dropped the pump cover off to Mark at Twisted Customs (painter of the 41 TT) to weld for me. I got it back last night and you can't even tell that I fucked it up! It is back on and the oil lines are done! Back in 41 business!

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