Saturday, January 22, 2011

Like a Glove!


  1. You've got some lovely old bikes Grail, I must say.. I am hoping to finish my '58 Pan this summer although it'll be more of a lane splitter style than these classics!
    I still get a lot of interest in PlumKrazy which people see on your blog that's my theory, you know it's being rebuilt & modded slightly for the road here in England? - The paint is re-done, actually it's a powder but it is very shiny and metal-flake too. It's very close to the original color. Dick Smith is handling the rebuild at Barons Speedshop for the new (3rd) owner I think. Billy. ps how about a mention for Junk Motorcycle magazine issue #2 out March 3rd? :)

  2. Ooops... wrong Knucklebuster there Billy!