Sunday, January 9, 2011

Success! Let it snow!

More snow...more determined, I headed back to the Servi Car yesterday to battle with the rusted, fucked up bleeders on the rear brakes. I really hate "Juice" brakes!!! Mechanical is where it's at! Fix 'em with a bolt, some wire, bent piece of rod or anything you find along the road (hell I've used the hook from a bungee cord for a clevis pin) anything and your back on the road...lose your "juice" and you're fucked! (or you gotta be good at riding without brakes).
Well, it turns out that I was successful in fighting decades of rust and neglect (at least while I've owned it). Four dollars worth of 1/4 inch brake bleeders, a pair of channel locks, gas, oil and battery and the snow mobile was back in service! It was snowin' like a bastard yesterday early afternoon so I did about a thirty mile "Tavern Tour" and then decided to re-test it's off road capabilities. Nothin' like donuts in the snow!


  1. man that thing is awesome - nice job

  2. I need something with 3 wheels! fucking cool as shit