Sunday, January 23, 2011

RIP "Gentleman" Ray Dhue

The Gentleman on his 49 Pan Harmony '87

Gentleman Ray's Meeting Minutes June 1987

Saddlebags I got from Ray in the early 80's

Received some bad news today.

At 10:30 this morning "Gentleman" Ray Dhue passed away. I have known Ray since the 80's through the Colonial (North Jersey) Chapter of the AMCA where he served as Secretary for many years. Ray lived up to his name and unlike me, he was always polished, courteous, respectful and he produced meticulous restorations. Although two people couldn't be more different (both in life style and reputation not to mention motorcycles) we got along great! I still have a set of Buco saddlebags that I got from Ray in the 80's. I ran them on my Knuckle and Flathead for years. Now they hang on the mantle above the fireplace waiting to go back into service. I also purchased a1954 HD 165 from Ray that I still own.

I just saw Ray at the Jefferson Meet this past October. He was his usual self. He had moved down to Florida some years ago but I would still see him at most events in the North East.

I dug up an old copy of the Colonial Chapter News Letter "The Kicker" and low and behold it was the June 1987 issue where Ray mentions my marriage in his column. Interesting that he mentions "threatening skies" on that day...maybe he was a profit as well.

I will miss "Gentlemen" Ray Dhue...Rest in Peace my friend...

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  1. Ray was a great guy and I am glad that I knew him. He helped me out with a ton of the details on the giveaway contest and was always fun to talk old bikes with. Rest in peace