Saturday, March 12, 2011

39 EL Front Fender Blender

Tape off the old

Gun Coat ...coat


Not a perfect match but time will tell

Time to blend the 39 EL front fender that Mark fixed. Tape off the old paint, hit the bare metal with Gun Coat, a product I used in the eighties instead of parkerizing, then hit it with flat black engine paint and then Ford red (whatever red was in the garage), dab with a paper towel while wet, sand the edges, rub with dirt and kitty litter.
I'm very inpatient so the whole process from tape to mount took 30 minutes tops. I don't wait for anything to dry.
The camera makes it look a bit more obvious then it does in person, nothing a few seasons on the road can't

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  1. Wow. I'm fooling with 1914 Excelsior fenders. Brown till you scrub then you get some kind of gray. Nice job. Thanks, Paul