Saturday, March 19, 2011

Unfriendly Version?

Bearings riding low...

Almost looks like it was made that way

After I cleaned up the parts and began inspecting the internals of my step hub I noticed something was not quite right. I remembered a post last month on Matt Olsen's Blog regarding 35-37 wheel hub parts and why they are "not your friend". Apparently I have the unfriendly version.
Hey Matt, any recommendations?


  1. Hi Boss,
    I just got back from your side of the country. You can update your 36/37 hub to modern 38 and later specs pretty easily.

    The hub is basically the same as later ones. In 38 they started pressing in a top hat spacer before the big bearing on the brake side. you can take this spacer out of a rotted out later hub and press it into your early hub. The flat washer that goes on after the bearing cage is loaded and before the lock ring is thicker on early hubs to make up for this difference, so you will need to replace it too. Find a usable later sleeve, small bearing cage, and the thrust washer that goes on underneath of it and you are set. Hope this helps and if you have any questions feel free to give me a call.
    Matt Olsen