Saturday, March 26, 2011

51 Buick Road Test

First time back on the road in about 30 years.
Door handles? What door handles?

Business up front...Party in the back. Mullet style...

I just got my 51 Buick back from Mark at Twisted Customs. He did some brake work, a fuel pump and stuff for me. I also had him take off the rear door handles and weld up the holes. I am on my way to "Nosed and Decked"...I'll do the rest myself.

We found that the gas tank was rotted pretty bad. He had a fuel tank off an old hod rod in the shop and after a bit of bracketry and some questionable leather studded belting ...problem solved. There's a Rat Rod surprise in the trunk! There is zero exhaust on this this thing so it looks like a trip to Pep Boys is in order to pick up a $27 Cherry Bomb (I love the Cherry Bomb slogan...Disturbing the Peace since 1968).

I took the Buick up to the tavern for an adult beverage on it's maiden voyage and it did draw a crowd...a lot of head scratching. She ran pretty good but was over heating when I got back...oops forgot to check a few things. I added water and that fixed that. Now to get the lights straightened out. 6 Volts just like my bikes.

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