Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Trippin' on the Jersey Side...

Party Favors...
Banished to the stones

Dave's 41 Flathead

I rode my 50 Pan down to Motorcycle Mike's place for a 4th of July Party last Saturday. It was a beautiful hot summer day and I was headed to the Jersey Shore.

I stopped at an old legendary Biker Bar along the way called Plain Janes...I had not been there since a party in '93.

There used to be GREAT parties back in the groves behind the bar! When I inquired as to what happened to the parties, the owner told me that several years ago there were six accidents at the same time consisting of party goers leaving the place. The cops came in and told him that if he served another drink he was goin' to jail. He said there were 200 bikers at the bar and he told the cops that they would have to clear the place out before he stopped pouring...they did...

Anyway I pulled into Mike's and was immediately banished to the stones due to the leakiness of my ride ...oh well. Great party. I stayed the night and rode 100 miles home in the pouring rain on Sunday...Good Times!


  1. Man, I remember passing plain janes when i was a kid going from lakewood to great adventure with my grandpa! never was quite old enough to have a brew when i was up there! this makes me want to go there!

  2. Ha! I was surprised I wasn't banished from the parking lot of a pub recently (overnight stay) when my Pan leaked most of its innards onto the landlord's immaculate asphalt...