Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rat's Nest Run-In 2

Ernie's Combo

Looks familiar...


Mel's Antique Race Cars NY

Some of the World Class Entertainment!

Before and after 46 decide which is which...

Turns out the '46 won the day! Nice trophy!

The Rat's Nest Run In was great and the weather was perfect I was shocked when Dan pointed out the trophy next to my '46. Dan spent the day entertaining folks with tails of how I found the bike at a yard sale on the way up. Then he would look over and say "Hey you want to try to start it?"or "You think it'll run?" I would walk over, set down my beer and give it one kick and it would fire up (LOUD) and they would all jump back! I must have done that ten was funny every time...OK I'm an asshole...I know it...

I had planned on staying into the night and grabbing a room but I wanted to salvage Sunday so we took off around 5 pm and did the quick 3 hour ride home...It was worth the trip!

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  1. awesome stuff. & i like the save a hot rod sticker