Sunday, July 31, 2011

Colonial Chapter Picnic and Ride

Big George manning the grill

Adult beverage break during the road ride

Jason and his...VL

Let's take a better addition...Sprint tank

A tradition on every ride...George's Indian requires adjustment

Headed to Big George's house in Jersey yesterday on my '50 Pan to meet him and ride to the Colonial Chapter Picnic and Ride. Way up in North Jersey. We met up with Kenny along the way and were an hour or so late as usual. The rest of the guys (and gal) were waiting impatiently for us to begin the road run. Jason led the ride on his Crazy VL which runs great. Amy was riding her "Smokin'" rigid 59 Triumph (valve guides would be nice). We had about 14 bikes and did about 50 miles or so through lake towns and into NY State and back. We stopped for an adult beverage or two and headed back to base camp. Many more members showed up while we were gone and were on round two of the food (which was great). We ate drank and were merry...

Me, Kenny, Bob, Doug and Paula headed out to hit the Mountain Rest Inn on the way home.

Georges 41 Indian was doing the "Crab Walk" on the way out. Apparently his Indian was conflicted...His back wheel decided to make a left turn while the rest of the bike wanted to go straight. We pulled into the Mountain Rest parking lot and got to work.

With Doug and Kenny's help (me, Bob and Paula pretty much just watched and busted George's balls) the Indian was tracking properly again. We celebrated by letting George buy us all a round.

Kenny and I split off and headed back across Jersey. I left Kenny around 8 PM and headed back toward PA. My 50 Pan was pissing oil out of the distributor gasket and onto the pipe which made for a smokin' good time while waiting for lights to change.

I almost made it back to PA (15 miles from the border!) when some of my old friends in New Jersey law enforcement decided it had been too long since we chatted...(riding an HD in Jersey back in the early 80's this was an almost daily occurrence).

It turns out the officer couldn't tell what state my Antique PA plate was from, so he decided to pull me over, detain me on the road side and run my paper work just for old times sake...all was in order and I was released. GOD I MISS LIVING IN JERSEY!

All in all I put about 250 miles on the Pan and hit three states.

I shoulda took more pictures...

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