Thursday, September 8, 2011

Billy's B&H

Many of you know (or know of) Billy and his Bobbed Pan that he rides the shit out of.

There was a cool painting done of Billy and the Pan that I have seen posted around the Blog world. Recently Billy sent me a bunch of pics (new camera). Above are a couple that feature his B&H Foot Shifter. I have yet to install one of these on a bike. I have a Thoro Shift Conversion installed on my Flathead but have not ventured into a B&H install yet. Billy was kind enough to help me out with some install instructions for the B&H. Thanks Billy!


  1. you think by now, i would figure out the seat dilemma... that seat does me no favors. a wet ass with exposed foam. ill carry a trash bag with me for that reason, but won't fix the seat.