Friday, September 9, 2011

A Care Package to myself...

I had almost forgotten about the parts I bought up at Brookfield this year. Since I was on my bike, I scrounged up a box and some tape and sent the parts home with brother "Bolt-On". Today I had to go over to Jersey, so I swung by "Bolt- On's" place and retirieved the Faded Glory box.

Nice...a fresh load of consumables that I use constantly...


  1. Stupid question time -what motor does the distributor with the "short drive" go on? ( learning as I go -thanks)

  2. Gareth, The short drive is for a Flathead, either a 45, 74 or 80 CI and mounts in the cam cover. The long drives are Knuckle or Pan and mount in the engine case.