Sunday, September 18, 2011

Brooklyn Invitational 2011

Guy (Greasy Kulture) Bolton and I

Capt. Cal and father Joe

Max's Knuckle

A LOVE Machine...

Just in case

Well Kelly and I hit the Brooklyn Invitational again this year. I got a chance to meet folks I've only corresponded with through this box. It was great to finally meet Guy Bolton of Greasy Kulture. We have known each other for years through the mag, email, blog ...but never face to face. I also got a chance to meet Jeremiah of LOVE cycles Phoenix AZ, Capt. Cal (Jersey)and his dad Joe who I knew in the early 80's.

It took forever to get outta Brooklyn last night but we finally made it back to PA.

Oh yeah, I forgot my friggin' camera so I had to use my cell phone. Of course that was set wrong so all the pics are small...oops...


  1. hey kb - great post, looks like a good time. cool to see some guys like capt cal & his dad in there!

  2. Jeff, it was a pleasure to meet you and Kelly .... And great to see your Knuck in action! Those cold beers set me up for the afternoon....