Thursday, June 21, 2012

'47 Knuckle Bob Job Conversion...

Chrome Very Early '47 Dash. Notice the trip slot is opened like a Cats Eye dash...

Pink Very Early '47 Dash

Rear Rack for Rigid

Where else would you clean filthy MC parts?

Rack fits saddle bag mounts for rigid with special drilling holes!

Close up of special Rear Rack / Saddle Bag mount hardware

Cleaned up rack

 I mentioned a few posts back that I was converting my Bob Job '47 Knuckle back to the way I built it when I was a teenager. Nostalgia is what it's all about...right? Anyhow the real reason is cause I wanna do some long road trips on that Knuckle and want it to look and feel the way it did when I was a kid. I found a couple of Very Early 1947 dash covers (thanks for the info Matt Olsen). I'll use the pink one and paint it white along with the rest of the sheet metal I gathered. 
I wanted a rear rack that can come on and off and did not want to drill the fender. I found the perfect setup in my junk. There are several different rear racks of this style and I dug around until I found the one that matches the holes in the saddle bag mounts I'm using. The special shouldered Nut/Bolt slides into the rack mounting hole and screws onto the bag mount...what a sweet set up (see pic above). So when you want to lose the rack, you unbolt the four of them and pop it off...nice. The Buco saddlebags also pop right of with a spring loaded screw set up.

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