Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rhinebeck 2012 Part 1 - Setting the Tone...

This incident set the tone for the Security and Police presence at the meet. After this incident anyone who was riding around on a motorcycle got (at a minimum) the evil eye or was told to park their bike or was escorted from the fairgrounds by the State Police (no shit). The punishment depended on the Security Officer's perception of how you were riding...By the way this was not the AMCA folks running the meet's doing it was the Dutchess County Fairgrounds security.
For the record: I personally was not hassled and had a great time!

Yale Schooling


Mike's 1915 H-D

Mike's good side...

Getting the '15 prepped for a spin. Believe it or not, while giving a lady friend a ride on the tandem, Mike was stopped and admonished by Security and told to park (and not ride it again) his 1915 Harley because it was unsafe...he was goofing around with some friends and yelled out "Get out of the way...No Brakes" as a joke...Fairgrounds Security heard him yell it out and that's when the fun began..what a bunch of douche bags

The indoor Hot Rod Show

The Lead Fist Indoor Chopper Show

This bike belonged to a Dutchess County Sheriff. He was at the meet on Friday on his police Special H-D and came back Saturday on his VL framed EL...he was OK with me!

Rhinebeck 2012...always something controversial going on... Thursday was great...old parts, adult beverage, food, riding old machines, good weather...all was right with the world...and then a gentlemen who had an Indian Four, that was just finished and I believe delivered to the meet, decided to try it out for the first time (as we know these brand X death machines are completely backwards) in a crowded fairgrounds with many you can see by the top pic it did not go well...he was off to the hospital in the meat wagon, the bike was crunched and the Security and State Police were on High Alert! 
I personally did not get hassled (don't know why)...I continued to smoke the tire on my 46 FL, ride it where and how I felt like and had a great time...
I have much more to come on the meet and many more pictures to post....


  1. Those oil tanks are like the No.57 Bus.

  2. The guy with the Chief made three mistakes, 1 - the wall was made out of boards that were way too thick, 2 - the wall was not on fire, and 3 - there's a friggin' chain link fence on the back side of the wall. He needs to take a closer look at those old photos and take better notes.