Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bikes and Blues Festival - Yesterday

Gary Fisher brought out some memorabilia

Gary Nixon Trophy

Stumbled across Bill Lockett's '50 Indian Broke Down on the side of the road

He fixed his brake linkage and was back on the road...

See Ya the way he's 84 years old!

Merc at the bar we stopped at for dinner

Admiring the Merc...disaster was only minutes away...

It was a perfect day in PA yesterday. Kelly and I fired up the "Dirty Nine" and hit the road for the Bikes and Blues Festival. There were great bikes and great tunes. I ran into "Bolt-On" and a bunch of folks from the Neshaminy Chapter of the AMCA. We decided to head down to Apple Jacks for a beer. Hung out outside at Apple Jacks for a while and all went our separate ways.
Kelly and I were cruising along a country road when I spotted a red 1950 Indian with sidecar precariously parked on a sharp bend. We stopped to lend a hand...Turns out it was Bill Lockett fixing his brake clevis with a bolt. Bill is a loooong time motorcyclist and at 84 years old still kicks, rides and fixes his old bikes. He told us that a few miles back he had lost the chain off the bike and had just finished fixing that, only to have the cotter pin pop on his brakes while careening down hill into this hard left. As you can see from the pic above someone had recently taken out the guard rail in the same spot! He fixed it, refused help kicking and got on his way...
The fun didn't end there. We stopped at an ice cream place and a bride and groom in full wedding regalia pulled in in a '65 Mustang all hot rodded up...they were soon followed by the entire wedding party...WTF?
We left there and cruised to the lake and over to a great Bar for dinner. The place has an outdoor bar where folks were getting completely crazed...great time...until one of the "merry makers" hooked his rear crash bar onto the rear bumper of this restored 194? Mercury pulling out of the parking lot!!!!! The car was scratched and the bumper pulled out...ouch! They handled it and folks went about there business without intervention from the authorities...It was a great day!

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