Wednesday, September 18, 2013

1977 Iron Head Sportster For Sale

I'm selling the 1977 Sportster that I picked up last spring. I thought one of my kids would be interested...but they aren't...go figure. 
It has a good PA title, runs great with a new battery. It's kick only, and no I didn't put the whitewall on the may need a little of this or that but everything works. Damn this thing is 36 years can get it judged at an AMCA event...or hack it up and chop it!
I'm asking $2,700.00.


  1. what's wrong with the Kids??? ( Can I call you daddy ? )

  2. Hell of a deal! And of course it's gonna need a little of this and's a damn iron head!

  3. Extremely intersted. 19 years old and have been looking for one of these for 4 years in this condition. Please respond!! Let's talk