Sunday, September 22, 2013

Brooklyn Invitational 2013

Brooklyn was a blast...Had a wedding to go to in PA yesterday so I arrived at the Invitational later then usual...about 6:30 PM. I had thrown the 46 Knuckle in the van the night before (yeah I know I shoulda rode it). At least I got to dump it outta the van and buzz around Brooklyn a little bit. Mel had a spot saved out front next to his Indian so I parked it and began enjoying the festivities.
I got to see people I only see in Brooklyn (or very rarely)...Jimmy Monk - England, Max Schaaf-CA, Ken Nagahara CA, Le Beef - Sweden, Tom Fugal - Whereabouts Unknown, Matt (Dice) - Everywhere, and friends from up and down the East Coast.
I finally got to meet Kasper Krogh Motorious from Denmark after corresponding with him last year. It happened quite by accident... I walked outside for a breather and was standing in the street about 5 ft from my Knuckle when a guy walks up to me and says "This is a long shot , but do you happen to know who owns this Knuckle?" That guy was Kasper. We went inside for a beer and I met the rest of the crew from Denmark...Great to meet you guys!
The party was still going strong (in spite of the rain that rolled in late) when I headed back to PA sometime after midnight...
Here are some shitty pictures I took...I actually had to delete a whole bunch that were just blurred images...

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