Monday, October 21, 2013

Flat Trackin' Hand Shift Oakland Valley Speedway NY...Part 1 - Grinding!

My primary is toast...

Right through to the Clutch Basket!

Frame scrapage!!!

Floor board mount...history!

Not only did the track eat my primary, 
clutch basket and floor board mount
 but it did a job on my shoe as well!

Marty cut out a sole from a shelf in his van...

The welder wouldn't work off the generator...

But we had rivets!

Seemed like a good idea...

The Track had other ideas...

Holy shit, did I fuck up my Knuckle primary and frame flat trackin' on Sunday...oh well...time to raise the trans and frame some how. My buddy Dan told me that my back wheel bounced a few inches off the ground at one point from riding the primary! It wanted to put me into the wall... I was on it the whole time... The thing ground right through to the clutch floor board mount is nearly gone and it started working on the frame!
I leaned my bike over to see how far it had to go to do that and shit I was almost laying on the track...WTF!

More to come....


  1. Great stuff! Gotta consider the time and money spent on repairs as the cost of schooling... schoolin' flat track style fhat is!


  2. Whaou ! Nice party ! But attention, you have a nice bike ! Chris,France.

  3. And this is why you can't have nice things....