Monday, October 7, 2013

The Race of Gentlemen 2013 Part 1... Saturday Morning and Afternoon

Saturday Morning at the Starlux Hotel Wildwood NJ

Mel and Joe Oz

Leigh at the Starlux Lot...Thanks for the hospitality! 
Leigh and his wife let Me and Joe Oz crash in their room...

This turned out to be the winner!

Sean Brayton's Indian

Jeff Decker's Merkel

Choke disc removal....

Racing modifications...

Ken Nagahara (Roller Mag) posing for me...

Ken Nagahara shooting Joe Oz...THE Gentleman!

The view as you enter the widest beach in NJ. 
That is the tent city for the race about a mile away!

Tent City...

Joe Oz!

Billy with Marty's Pan

Jeff Decker and Sean Brayton

Pete on his bad ass Indian Hillclimber...
 now modified for beach racing!

Jeff Decker and Sean Brayton

Eric and Kieth 

Sara getting prepped to Flag it...

Josh - Gasket Goon

Views from the Tower

Silent John...on Number 40

Jersey John...

Hot Rods exiting the beach at the end of the day


Loading Pete's Incredible Indian Hillclimber...

Done racing for the day....

This years race was beyond my wildest dreams! It's been a crazy week! Surprise BD party last Saturday, Jefferson Meet Thursday and Friday and then off to Wildwood NJ before sun up this past Saturday!
Here's 97 pics of the Race of Gentlemen from Saturday...much more to come. I'll also get some posts up from the BD Party and Jefferson meet.


  1. Looks like such a great event. Will have to make it over one year...

  2. Jeff, thanks for great pics from what seems to be a stunning event!!