Friday, November 29, 2013


I just dumped outta Face Book. I fuckin' hate it...Un "Freinded" everyone and got outta the Groups people added me to. If you're actually my friend then you know how to find me.
I could not take the constant inane shit being spewed outta that sewer pipe...every fuckin' minute...
and I'm sure there's a way to turn stuff on and off, but I don't have the patience to deal with it.
I will say that FB did give me the opportunity to message people I like and look at some cool stuff... BUT the Bad outweighed the Good.

I'll stick with the Blog for now...


  1. That is exactly why I haven't been on that cluster fuck of stupidity in months man.

  2. Ha ha! Good on you Jeff. If I didn't have a mag to sell or siblings in distant towns to keep in touch with I'd do the same.

  3. I will find you still, even if not on Facebook. Pssht, didnt you leave Facebook once before :-)))


  4. I get it. I occasionally see all the boasting crap that people post thru my wife's account. She never posts anything herself. Never joined never will. No nitTwitter or Istascam for me either. I'll stick with blogging

  5. Little Luke's got a temperature,
    I'm doing the laundry.
    Steve got into drama school.
    Hey, fuck right off!