Friday, June 20, 2014

Freemansburg Hill Climb Pictures June 2014

With Ralph Kreeger's 1969 Triumph

'69 Triumph

73 Triumph with special head

Top Fuel!

Jerry Franz and Ralph Kreeger
Meeting up again after 30 years!

Molly Carbon # 32

Jerry Franz and Pro Hill Climber Molly Carbon

Ralph with the '73 Triumph


Bad Ass BMW

Ralph Kreeger's BMW prepping for a run...

BMW, Shovels and Pick Axes ready...

The Hill in the morning prior to the crowds arriving...

Later that evening we ran into these guys...Pete's Pan...

Hutch's Knuckle...

I forgot to post these pictures of the Freemansburg Hill Climb from a couple weeks ago. The event was great as usual and with Jerry Franz visiting and getting his insight and stories of Hill Climbs past made it all the better. We met up with Ralph Kreeger who Jerry had not seen in 30 years and thanks to Ralph's hospitality we ended up with pit passes, a place under his EZ UP and seats so close to the action we were sprayed with dirt and stones! Jerry, his wife Diana  and I had a blast! Jerry met Pro Hill Climber Molly Carbon who started hill climbing at 8 years old and at 23 is 3rd in points in the Pro Sport Class.
It was a great day!
Later we met Hutch and Pete. It's few and far between these days that you run into a Pan and a Knuckle out at a bar...good to meet these guys.

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