Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Flat Track Knucklehead - Trans and Bars

Semi perm trans install...need to modify the 5th spacer
The oil tank clearance is sweet!

Suitable for hanging...a little paint on some green bars 

Installed the steering damper and plate, etc.
so you can't see the "Ted fit" of the bearing conversion 
see previous 3 part posts on that fiasco...(45 to 74 Conversion)


Well, slow progress but progress just the same...after the perm install of the TT oil tank and fender I went to work on the trans. My mock up used a different trans and this one will require the 5th spacer to be shaved a bit. I guess there's more meat on the kicker bolt boss on this tranny. I opted for a later kicker shaft so I can kick start the bike and toss the kicker arm and pedal off to the side (less racing weight!).
I've been going back and forth on handlebar set ups....Flanders risers, Pan bars, later cheap bars, springer bars, etc. I decided to try these Servi-car bars mainly because they had already been modified for a snap throttle. They may be a little high and wide but we'll see how they feel.

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