Tuesday, February 3, 2015

'55 Pan Carb Trouble... Fixed!

I noticed the Spring Collar missing!

Jet and plug swapped...But an expert tells me that's not a problem
I swapped them back...every M 74 B I have has the jet on the left

A spare Spring Collar installed...

After a full inspection, swapping the jet and plug back to the "normal" positions (even though Linkert expert "Cotton" tells me that doesn't make a difference) and installing a spare low speed needle spring collar, I re-installed the carb, reset needle adjustments (5 turns out on the low speed and 1 3/4 on the high speed) and fired it up...it worked as normal (a bit too rich as it should) and I dialed it in. 
The Pan now starts on one kick, idles nicely and revs up like a dream. Too much ice out there to road test...but all systems are now a GO!
So it looks like the spring collar missing made all the difference! Too much air getting past the Low Speed Needle!!!???


  1. its amazing how complex and scientific a Linkert is when you really get down to it. Probably cost a million bucks to make one now days

  2. Good thing they're stacked up like cord wood...