Monday, February 9, 2015

'55 Pan Other Trouble...

Oil lines...bad

Oil lines...good

Fuel Shut off ...bad
Found this spring in this position and nothing under the cap

Fuel Shut off...good
I utilized my patented method of removing everything, cutting a slender piece of 1/4 fuel line and sliding it down the shut off rod, pushing it into the area under the cap with a small screw driver and replacing the cap...I've done this for decades and it works well...

Missing spacer...bad 
(he'll need to get me one to make good)

Headlight loose...bad
Now tightened and adjusted...good

Case stud found to be loose and stripped...bad


Generator connections loose and sparking...bad

Tightened...better (not really good)
If I get deeper into the wiring I may never come out!

Clutch screeching and jumpy...really bad
Need plates and further investigation to make good
(if it were up to me I'd scrap the whole belt shit and chain it up!)

Mouse trap adjustment...bad 
(sounded like a metal trash can lid banging against a dumpster)
Readjusted from scratch (which takes two men and a boy)...good

So this 55 is still here...the more I look at it the more it needs. After fixing the carb problem I noticed that the oil lines were on wrong, the fuel shut off was fucked up, a case bolt was loose and stripped,  the generator connections were loose and sparking, the spacer for the brake light switch was missing, the head light was loose, the mouse trap was a mess and the clutch screeches and jumps...and that was just a cursory inspection...
There's a bunch of cosmetic stuff I would do to make it flow (starting with the wheels and lower legs, kicker arm, etc.)...but for now the goal is to get it functional and rideable.

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  1. "Can I bring drop my hotrod off at the shop for a few adjustments . . . spot weld the bumper bracket, etc."
    Like in the movies . . . .